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Uncovering the Magic Behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid

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You’re in for an underwater adventure of a lifetime! Dive deep into the magical world of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. For the first time, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how this beloved animated classic came to life. 

From the initial sketches to the final musical number, we’ll uncover all the details that brought Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and Ursula up from the ocean’s depths and into our hearts. Get ready to be part of Ariel’s world as we share how the visual artists, actors, and composers worked their magic to create a film that still enchants audiences today, over 30 years after its release. This is your all-access pass to the wonders of under the sea!

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The Little Mermaid: Walt Disney’s Newest Masterpiece

Disney has done it again! Their newest film, The Little Mermaid, is an absolute delight. This underwater adventure will capture your heart from the very first scene.

Ariel, a curious young mermaid, is fascinated by life on land. She collects human artifacts from sunken ships and often goes to the surface to watch people. Her favorite place is a large rock where she can see a handsome prince named Eric.

One day, Ariel saves Eric from drowning and falls in love with him. She deals with the evil sea, witch Ursula to become human for three days. The catch? Ariel must get Eric to kiss her before the sun sets on the third day, or she will belong to Ursula.

Ariel embarks on an exciting journey to win Eric’s heart. With the help of her friends Scuttle the seagull and Sebastian the crab, Ariel learns what it means to walk, dance, and dine like a human. Meanwhile, Ursula plots to sabotage Ariel’s chances so she can take control of the ocean.

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Through it all, Ariel’s kind heart, courage, and optimism never falter. The breathtaking visuals, memorable music, and lovable characters combine to create a film experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again. Grab your friends and family, dive under the sea, and discover why The Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s most magical musical adventures yet!

Meet the Characters: Ariel, Prince Eric, and Flounder

You’ll fall in love with the characters in The Little Mermaid! Ariel is a curious, 16-year-old mermaid princess who longs to be part of the human world. She has the most beautiful singing voice, and her best friend is a fun-loving yellow and blue fish named Flounder.

When Ariel rescues Prince Eric after his shipwreck at sea, it’s love at first sight! Prince Eric is a charming human prince who captures Ariel’s heart. Ariel deals with the evil sea witch Ursula to trade her voice for human legs so she can be with Eric.

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  • Ariel is a rebellious, red-haired mermaid who dreams of life on land. She’s fascinated by humans and collects artifacts from shipwrecks.
  • Prince Eric is a kind-hearted prince who falls for Ariel’s sweet and caring nature. He goes on an adventure to find the girl with the enchanting voice who saved him.
  • Flounder is Ariel’s loyal companion who helps her on her adventures. Even though he’s afraid of humans, he supports Ariel’s dreams.

With unforgettable characters and music, The Little Mermaid is a heartwarming tale of following your dreams and finding true love. Ariel’s story will fill you with wonder and delight from under the sea! Dive in for an adventure you’ll always remember.

Breathtaking Animation and Visuals

A Visual Feast for the Eyes

The animation and visuals in The Little Mermaid are nothing short of magical. When you watch this movie, prepare to be dazzled by the colorful underwater world and enchanted by the memorable characters.

The animators spent years perfecting the animation techniques to create the illusion of swimming underwater. The rippling hair and clothing of the merpeople, the bubbles, and the waving seaweed will make you feel like you’re diving into your TV screen.

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Ariel and her friends are brought to life with stunning detail. Their expressive faces and lifelike movements make you genuinely care about these characters. When Ariel sings “Part of Your World,” her wistful and longing expressions will tug at your heartstrings.

The Iconic Anime cartoon

The scenes are filled with colors that pop off the screen. The coral reefs, tropical fish, sunken ships, and underwater castles are a visual treat with a rainbow of hues.

Ursula the sea witch is one of Disney’s most iconic and unforgettable villains. Her menacing and manipulative presence gives kids a delightful scare. When she uses her magic to transform into a human, the special effects and animation are groundbreaking.

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The visuals and animation in The Little Mermaid paved the way for the Disney Renaissance era and modern animated films. Nearly 30 years after its release, the movie is still a shining example of the magic that can be achieved through animated effects.

Every scene is a work of art that ignites your imagination. No wonder this film inspired a new generation to wish for their adventures underwater!

Memorable Music and Songs: The Little Mermaid

The music in The Little Mermaid is unforgettable and magical. The songs were written by acclaimed composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman, who also collaborated on other Disney classics like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. Their memorable melodies and clever lyrics help bring Ariel’s underwater world to life.

Part of Your World The Little Mermaid

Ariel’s signature song, “Part of Your World,” is a heartfelt ballad about her longing to join the human world. Jodi Benson, who voices Ariel, sings with emotion and passion as Ariel imagines what it would be like to walk, run, and dance.

The melody is wistful yet hopeful, capturing Ariel’s dreamy and rebellious spirit. This moving anthem has resonated with audiences and has become an iconic Disney tune.

Under the Sea

Sebastian’s calypso-inspired “Under the Sea” is a joyful celebration of life underwater. Samuel E. Wright’s energetic performance brings the colorful sea creatures and setting to vibrant life. 

The upbeat tempo and fun, whimsical lyrics like “the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake” make this one of the most cheerful and memorable Disney songs. You can’t help but smile and sing along!

“Kiss the Girl” is a romantic ballad sung by Sebastian that sets the mood for Ariel and Eric’s first kiss.

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” features the deliciously evil sea witch Ursula gleefully manipulating Ariel with her cunning lyrics and sly performance. Pat Carroll’s vocals are perfectly sinister.

The music in The Little Mermaid creates a sense of wonder, fun, and adventure under the sea. The unforgettable songs were integral to the film’s success and have endured for generations. 

No Disney movie would be complete without memorable tunes – and The Little Mermaid delivers some of the best. The music brings Ariel’s world to life and captures the hearts of all who listen.

Behind the Scenes: Making of the Little Mermaid

The Making of a Masterpiece

Creating a timeless classic like The Little Mermaid was no small feat! Walt Disney Studios poured their heart and soul into bringing this magical underwater world to life. The animators spent years perfecting every detail to make Ariel and her friends as enchanting as possible.

When the project first began in the mid-1980s, the animators faced substantial technical challenges in figuring out how to animate characters underwater realistically. They studied how real fish move and behave to capture the graceful, flowing motions. 

The animators’ dedication and perseverance paid off, resulting in gorgeously animated sequences that made you feel like you were indeed under the sea!

The voice actors also brought so much charm and personality to their roles. Jodi Benson was perfectly cast as the vivacious and curious Ariel. 

The Gallery of Master Piece Mermaid

Her memorable performance of “Part of Your World” gave Ariel a sense of wistfulness and longing that resonated with audiences. Samuel E. Wright was delightfully exuberant as the eccentric crab Sebastian, and his rendition of “Under the Sea” became an instant classic.

The musical team created one hit song after another for the soundtrack. Alan Menken’s melodic scores and Howard Ashman’s clever lyrics were a match made in heaven. “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl,” and “Part of Your World” went on to win Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.

Every element came together under the expert guidance of directors Ron Clements and John Musker. Their labor of love resulted in a timeless story of following your dreams and finding your voice. 

FAQ: When Can I Watch the Little Mermaid?

The Release Date is Set!

Before you know it, you’ll swim under the sea with Ariel and Flounder! Walt Disney Studios announced that The Little Mermaid will splash into theaters on May 26, 2023. How egg-citing! This live-action remake of the beloved 1989 animated classic will be fantastic.

Counting Down the Days

We know the waiting will be torturous, but good things come to those who wait, right? To make the time pass more swiftly, re-watch the original film to relive the magic. You can host a movie night with friends or a Little Mermaid-themed party! Break out your seashell bra and practice your “Part of Your World” rendition.

Where Can I Get Tickets, and From where can I Download?

As the release date gets closer, tickets will become available for pre-order on sites like Fandango, MovieTickets, and your local theater’s website. Be sure to buy them in advance for the best seats in the house. Some theaters may even offer special Little Mermaid fan events with giveaways and photo ops. How cool is that?

The live-action The Little Mermaid will surely be an unforgettable undersea adventure for all ages. Ariel’s story of following her heart’s desire will inspire viewers again. 

We can’t wait to see this classic tale brought to life with stunning visuals, music, and whimsical characters. The wait will be worth it when we’re all part of Ariel’s world again!

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You now have an inside look at this Disney classic’s magic behind the scenes. As Ariel and her friends embark on their adventures under the sea and on land, you’ll have a new appreciation for the immense creativity, skill, and passion that brought this timeless story to life. 

The Little Mermaid inspired generations to follow their dreams and believe in a world of wonder and possibility. So the next time you need an escape to a place of fantasy and delight, dive under the sea with Ariel. 

Her world’s wonders will surely fill you with a sense of joy and adventure. You might find your little bit of magic along the way!

Table of Contents


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