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The Best Vinland Saga Arcs: Ranked & In-Depth Review

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You thought your days of pillaging and plundering were behind you. Yet here you are, ax in hand, shield strapped to your back, ready to dive headfirst into the blood-soaked world of Vinland Saga once again. In today’s article, we will explore the arcs of this series to rank them in the list of The Best Vinland Saga Arcs.

You can’t help yourself – there’s something irresistible about the call of adventure on the high seas, the thrill of battle, and the drama of Thorfinn’s quest for vengeance. Before you embark on another rewatch of this epic anime, join us as we rank the best story arcs Vinland Saga has to offer. 

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Ranking for The Best Vinland Saga Arcs

Prolog Arc: Thorfinn’s Tragic Backstory

You’ve embarked on the epic journey that is Vinland Saga. While the sweeping vistas and bloody battles may catch your eye, the heart of this tale lies in its characters. And no character is more central than our brooding blond boy, Thorfinn.

The prolog arc whisks you back to a simpler time when Thorfinn was but a wee lad whose biggest concern was proving himself to his legendary father, Thors. Those were the days. Before you know it, Thorfinn finds himself an orphan and indentured servant to a man he hates more than soggy socks.

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Talk about a rough start in life. Most kids his age are learning to plow fields, not avenge their fathers. Then again, Thorfinn isn’t like most kids. He’s a Viking raised by Vikings to do Viking things. Like pillaging and whatnot.

Image from Vinland Saga anime

Through it all, you just want to give the little guy a hug and tell him it’ll be alright. But this is Vinland Saga, so you know it won’t be. Still, you’ll find yourself cheering Thorfinn on as he navigates loss, love, and life as Askeladd’s lackey.

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Before you dive into the next arc, take a moment to appreciate young Thorfinn in all his angsty glory. His tragic backstory may break your heart, but it’ll make you appreciate the man he becomes. Now, onward to adventure! Cue the ships and sea shanties. This is only the beginning.

Baltic Sea War Arc: Thorfinn Seeks Revenge

The Baltic Sea War arc is when the story starts to get really interesting. Thorfinn, now a moody teenager, has joined a crew of Viking mercenaries to seek revenge on Askeladd, the man responsible for killing his father.

While at sea, you’ll wish you had packed more than just your ax and shield. The living conditions are dreadful – you’ll be sleeping on hard wooden planks and eating fish so salty you’ll be parched for days. But the real challenges come when you make landfall. Between dodging arrows, clashing swords with enemies, and hauling loot, you’ll long for the relative comfort of your longship.

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Askeladd leads the crew from one battle to the next, always keeping Thorfinn close in case his berserker rage comes in handy. You start to wonder if you’ll ever catch up to your father’s killer when you’re too busy ransacking villages. 

Thorfinn is tough

The action is nonstop, but don’t get attached to any of your comrades – their lifespan is shorter than a Midsummer’s night.

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You begin to question your quest for vengeance as you witness the horror of war. But your desire for revenge is a fire that can’t be quenched, burning hotter with each life you take. The line between right and wrong starts to blur, and you realize too late that you’ve become the very thing you hate. In this arc, no one emerges unscathed from the brutality of the Baltic Sea War.

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Slave Arc: Thorfinn’s Journey to Redemption Begins

The Slave Arc is when the story starts to get good. After years of mindless violence, Thorfinn finally questions his life choices. He’s like that college buddy who spent years drinking every night and skipping class, only to have an existential crisis senior year and decide to turn things around.

Thorfinn Gets a Job

Our boy Thorfinn needs cash, so he gets work on a merchant ship. At first, he’s pumped to get back to the Viking life he knows best. But after raiding a village, he realizes that pillaging and plundering just don’t spark joy like they used to.

He sees a slave getting whipped and starts to wonder if there’s more to life than violence.

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He makes friends with a kind-hearted slave named Einar, who teaches him that there are good people in the world worth protecting.

He even saves a young girl named Ylva from being assaulted and returns her to her village. Helping others gives him a warm fuzzy feeling he’s never had before.

Thorfinn’s Lightbulb Moment

One night, Thorfinn’s buddy Einar gets poorly beaten for trying to protect Ylva. As Thorfinn watches Einar suffer, he has a revelation: he no longer wants to hurt people. He realizes he’s been an angry ball of teenage angst for far too long, and it’s time to make a change.

Embark on the Journey of Vikings - Vinland Saga

Like that college buddy who turned things around, Thorfinn decides to switch majors. He leaves behind the School of Pillaging for the School of Pacifism. From here on out, our boy is trying to solve problems with words instead of axes. His journey to redemption has begun!

Eastern Expedition Arc: A New Purpose for Thorfinn

The Eastern Expedition arc is when things start to get weird. After years of pillaging, Thorfinn decides he’s had enough of the Viking life and wants to try his hand at…farming? You heard that right. Our angry boy trades in his ax for a pitchfork and heads to a farm commune in Eastern Europe.

A Shocking Career Change

After years of watching Thorfinn hack and slash his way across the countryside, his sudden desire to take up agriculture comes as a bit of a surprise. 

The bloodthirsty berserker has left the building, replaced by a sullen teenager with emotional issues to work through. While the other Vikings are off continuing their reign of terror, Thorfinn is learning how to properly till soil and shear sheep. Talk about a major pivot.

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New Friends, New Drama

At the farm, Thorfinn makes some new comrades, including Einar, a former slave with a mysterious past. Naturally, trouble soon finds its way to the farm in the form of bandits, slavers, and power-hungry Englishmen. 

Cue action sequences! Though Thorfinn has sworn off violence, he can’t help but get pulled into the drama. Will he return to his war-mongering ways? Or has the call of the harvest proved too strong?

A Journey of Self-Discovery

More than anything, the Eastern Expedition arc is about Thorfinn’s journey of self-discovery. Away from the battlefield, he begins to reflect on his life’s purpose and question his thirst for vengeance. 

He starts to realize there may be more to life than killing Askeladd. By the end of the arc, Thorfinn seems ready to embark on a new chapter, one where he fights for a higher purpose. Farming life may not have been meant to be, but the lessons he learned were invaluable. And the Viking world will never be the same.

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The Best Vinland Saga Arc Review As per the Fan base

When it comes to the best arcs of Vinland Saga, the fans have spoken—and they’re a quirky bunch.

The Prolog is Top in The Best Vinland Saga Arcs

This arc introduces our protagonist, Thorfinn, as an adorable little Viking cherub hell-bent on revenge. Who doesn’t love a bloodthirsty toddler? While the prolog is grim, it establishes the show’s tone and Thorfinn’s motivation for the rest of the series in a way that’s oddly charming.

The Baltic Sea War

This arc is a veritable smorgasbord of violence as Thorfinn and the crew rampage across the Baltic. Fans love the epic sea battles, political intrigue, and watching Thorfinn gradually become a formidable warrior. However, the arc drags on for over 20 episodes, so some fans find the pacing as slow as a longship in the doldrums.

The Farmland Saga

After years of bloodshed, Thorfinn retires from Viking life to become a—wait for it—pacifist farmer. Viewers get serious whiplash from this abrupt change in direction. Many find farm life a snooze-fest and miss the action-packed raids of previous arcs. 

However, other fans appreciate the deeper themes of redemption and personal growth as Thorfinn struggles to overcome his violent nature.

  • The Slave Arc: Thorfinn helps a runaway slave find freedom. Heartwarming but dull.
  • The Eastern Expedition: Thorfinn joins an expedition to uncharted lands. Promising start but a disappointing conclusion.

In the end, Vinland Saga offers a bit of something for every fan, whether you’re into political intrigue, gritty action, or character development. The series has its high and low points but ultimately remains a saga worth undertaking.

Vinland Saga Hero - Thorfinn

Vinland Arc FAQ: Answering Your Questions on the Final Arc

The final arc of Vinland Saga, aptly named the “Vinland Arc,” has sparked many questions among fans. Before you set sail for the new world, let’s address some of the most frequently asked questions about this last leg of Thorfinn’s journey.

Is Vinland Saga Good?

Vinland Saga Has been one-of-a-kind anime in the anime world. Similar to a Viking ship sailing smoothly on a sea of compelling storytelling, intricate character development, and stunning animation. 

You can say it is the perfect chemistry of historical drama and action-packed anime that will leave a good taste in your mouth. Even its mature theme, solid dialogs, and sound with feelings of the Viking era! 

Because of its unique theme, depth in character development, and the scenes that keep you on edge this anime is worthwhile to watch. 

Is there Going to be Vinland Saga Season 3?

Officially the production studio or the director has not revealed any possibilities for Vinland Saga Season 3 but considering its increasing popularity we can not decline the possibility completely.

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 The anime has garnered a dedicated fan base and received positive reception, which increases the likelihood of a continuation. Fans eagerly anticipate any news or updates regarding a potential Season 3 and remain hopeful for the continuation of the captivating story of Thorfinn and his journey in the Viking age.

With the progress on current arcs, you can consider the possibility of another ar joining the list of The Best Vinland Saga Arcs in the near future.

Who is Hild of Vinland Saga?

Hild is a prominent character in the anime and manga series Vinland Saga. She is a young girl taken in by Thors, the father of the protagonist Thorfinn after her village is raided. Hild plays a significant role in the series as a skilled archer and a member of the Jomsvikings, an elite group of Viking warriors. 

Throughout the story, Hild’s character undergoes development, displaying determination, loyalty, and a desire for revenge. Her presence adds depth and complexity to the narrative, making her a beloved and integral part of the Vinland Saga universe.

Why do most people hate Canute in Vinland Saga?

While opinions may vary, some viewers may harbor negative feelings towards Canute, a central character in Vinland Saga. Canute’s initial portrayal as a timid and weak prince, often reliant on others, can be off-putting to some. 

Throughout the series, you might have noticed Canute’s character has grown significantly, and he will play an important role in laying the groundwork for our main character!

As the story progresses, Canute’s character arc takes unexpected turns, and his true nature is revealed.

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With overall development from the start until now, this character has gone through many twists and turns. It might appear to be challenging and lead to a more nuanced understanding of his role in the narrative.

Conclusion on The Best Vinland Saga Arcs

And so you’ve reached the end of this epic saga, traversing distant lands and tumultuous times to experience the journey of our young hero Thorfinn. You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve cheered for unlikely victories and mourned tragic losses.

 As the credits roll on the final episode, you sit back in your chair, a mix of emotions swirling inside. You’re sad it’s over but grateful for the tale you’ve been told. You find solace knowing this saga, like the warriors and explorers of old, will live on forever in memory and myth. The adventures may have ended, but the spirit of the Vinland Saga will always remain. What a wild ride it’s been.

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