Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra & Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra & Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch on the RUN

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In the last week, Fire-Boltt company has gifted customers two new watches that will soon see hope in demand. The newest model in the company’s “Jewels of Time” series, the Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch, has been released. And before some days, the company also launched the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra, which stands out in a sea of inexpensive smartwatches. This is primarily due to two aspects: its cost and design. 

Now while talking about the Watch, time also comes and peeks into the picture. Then without further do, let’s know more about both watches and why you might want to consider having one on your wrist.

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Fire-Boltt Emerald

The Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch has a spinning crown, an attractive jewel frame, and a dial with a diamond cut. The smartwatch has a 1.09-inch display with a 240×240 pixel resolution. Additionally, it has sensors for tracking heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 levels and supports Bluetooth calling. It is also claimed that the new Fire-Boltt Emerald would support monitoring different sporting modes.

Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch
Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch

Price of Fire-Boltt Emerald in India

The Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch will be sold for Rs. 5,999 in India and can be ordered from the company’s website. It comes with a metallic strap that customers can choose from in Green, Blue, or Rose Gold. A second stainless steel strap is also included in the box with it.

Features and characteristics of the Fire-Boltt Emerald

A 1.09-inch (240×240 pixels) HD display is included with the new Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch. As long as it is connected to a smartphone, it offers Bluetooth calling, enabling users to make and receive phone calls from the watch screen. Additionally, a speaker and microphone are embedded inside it.

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Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra

As we already said, Phoenix stands out among its peers because of its style, design, and body. In its price range, it is a unique sports watch with a traditional design and metal body, doing the most part in its demand.

Price, design, and specifications for the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra is currently offered in a single option and retails for Rs. 2,999, while internet dealers often offer the device for as little as Rs. 2,199. The smartwatch has a silicon strap from Fire-Boltt, an additional magnetic metal loop strap and a two-pin magnetic charger.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Sports Watch

Steel, black, and gold are the three casing finishes for the smartwatch. These finishes are packaged with a variety of strap combinations.  The metal case’s quality is surprisingly good for an entry-level smartwatch and free of jagged or sharp edges. The sensor is positioned dead center on the plastic rear of the casing, while the metal charging connections are positioned closer to the edge above it. 

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra has an IP67 rating for dust and water protection and weighs 55g without the strap. The 1.39-inch LCD screen on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra offers a fairly basic 240 x 240-pixel resolution and a typical 60Hz refresh rate. 

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There is only one button on the smartwatch, and pressing it either wakes up the display and displays the watch face or shuts it off. Pressing the button returns you directly to the watch face if you are in any other menu or app in the watch interface.

Performance of Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra software

The software interface provided by the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra is quite simple. Even the fundamentals still need to be covered here, let alone any support for third-party programs. For instance, there is no method to change the watch’s default setting of five seconds for the display timeout. There is also no simple calculator app.

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra only shows the battery level on the watch face, which must be taken from the charger to be seen. Entering the settings menu, a layer below the main menu, is necessary to set the alarm, timer, or stopwatch.

The companion software, compatible with iOS and Android devices, is as simple as the smartwatch’s user interface.

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra also promised a seven-day battery life after being fully charged. The watch seldom has any auto-health tracking functions, and most of them require manual activation. Thus, we assume that this is doable. Even data synchronization is not done automatically. The average daily battery depletion, which took into account sleep tracking and one quick fitness program, was about 15-20 percent.

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Fire-Boltt Emerald and Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra have pros and cons in their price range to stand out. For the Phoenix especially, there are other options with better features, but similarly at a higher cost. 

As we know, need varies from person to person, and if you want a simple sports watch that would look cool, appreciate your style. Then I would surely select the Fire-Boltt Phoenix for its affordable price range. But If I want a specific and accurate performance, then Emerald will be the best option.


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