Blind, Starring Sonam Kapoor, Is Now Available on Jio Cinema for streaming

Blind, Starring Sonam Kapoor, Is Now Available on Jio Cinema for streaming.

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Sonam Kapoor plays the lead in the brand-new suspense thriller Blind, which is now streaming on Jio Cinema. The movie initially intended for a theatrical release, was unexpectedly included in Jio Studios’ 2023 programming slate after likely being shopped around for some time after completing filming in early 2021.

The film’s central subject seeks to illuminate a visually impaired person’s life and provide underrepresented voices with a forum. It is Kapoor’s digital debut. Shome Makhija, widely known for his work on the Badla film starring Amitabh Bachchan, wrote and directed Blind, making it his feature film debut.

The 2011 Korean thriller Blind by Ahn Sang-hoon has been remade in several languages. Which includes Chinese (The Witness), Japanese (Mienai Mokugeki-sha), and even Tamil in India (Netrikann). Therefore, Makhija’s remake is the second Indian remake.

Despite being created coincidentally at about the same time as the Tamil remake, it saw various setbacks in digital distribution. All adaptations of Blind take place in the same location, which revolves around the enigmatic disappearance and gruesome murders of multiple young women, likely the work of a serial murderer.

Storyline of the Movie

You take on the role of Giah (Kapoor), a former police officer whose career was cut short when a catastrophic vehicle accident caused her to lose sight. Years later, still unable to find employment in the police department, she is forced to accept a stranger’s ride at night.

However, the ride quickly turns unusual when she hears an odd bump and a howl coming from the car’s boot. She makes a fuss to get the suspected killer to release her because she is blind but to no avail. She is terrified that it must be one of the kidnapped victims she had read about on television. 

Giah turns to the law to assist in solving the case. Still, she is mocked and rejected by the lead officer Prithvi Khanna (Vinay Pathak), because of her disability, which makes her a weak witness and less likely to have her testimony accepted in court.

Nevertheless, Giah impresses him by correctly assessing his height and build, thanks to her time spent in the academy and an even highly developed sense of smell and perception. As a result, they decide to work together to find the murderer. 

In the midst of all of this, she is being stalked by a mysterious man (Purab Kohli) who has an odd odor and who she recognizes as the serial killer’s chauffeur, starting a game of cat and mouse in which he isn’t hesitant to phone and challenge her to stop his atrocities.

Shubham Saraf (Shantaram), Lillete Dubey (Kal Ho Naa Ho), Lucy Aarden (Ten Percent), and Javed Khan (A Murder at the End of the World) are among the other actors who appear in Blind, which was primarily filmed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Production and Release of Blind

Blind, like most other Jio Studios productions, is accessible on Jio Cinema without requiring a login or subscription, and there are supplementary dubs in Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil. 

The movie is one of 62 titles on Viacom18’s comprehensive programming roster, featuring significant theatrical releases like Dunki, starring Shah Rukh Khan, and Section 84, starring Amitabh Bachchan. In June, Viacom18 also hosted Bloody Daddy, starring Shahid Kapoor.

Any Jio Studios Bollywood theatrical release should also appear on Jio Cinema. The streaming service also offers a Premium subscription, which costs Rs. 999 per year and gives users access to Peacock material and some HBO and Warner Bros. content.


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