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Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) Review: MacBook Air For Pros

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Apple offers various reasonably powerful Mac laptops, but the MacBook Air line has probably been the brand’s highlight. The MacBook Air was introduced iconically when Steve Jobs pulled it out of a manila envelope in 2008. And it has since become one of Apple’s most popular Mac products. As of now, Apple MacBook Air 15 M2 is on air for sale!

The MacBook Air’s size, slimness, and the fact that it has been the brand’s entry-level laptop for years. For most customers who aren’t necessarily searching for a very powerful or expensive, it has also evolved into the ideal “small laptop.”

Apple MacBook Air 15
Apple MacBook Air 15

Apple MacBook Air 15

Display 15.30-inch
Processor Apple M2
Touch Screen No
Hard disk No
Weight 1.51 kg
OS macOS
Resolution 1864×2880 pixels

Apple released the first MacBook Air in 2020 with its own M1 SoC. Then in 2022, it released a revised model with the M2 processor. The MacBook Air’s screen size was almost the same in both instances at 13 inches. While the 2022 model introduced design improvements that closely resembled the more expensive MacBook Pro devices.

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The new Apple MacBook Air 15 was introduced at WWDC 2023, which takes us to 2023. It boasts a 15.3-inch screen, making it the biggest MacBook Air model to date, yet it nevertheless maintains the Air line’s trademark slim, light design and long-lasting battery. This laptop, which starts at Rs. 1,34,900 in India and is powered by the Apple M2 SoC, may not exactly feel like a MacBook Air, but it does promise a huge screen experience and strong performance. The new Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) is reviewed here.

Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) price in India and variants

In India, the Apple MacBook Air 15 price with the M2 processor (8-core CPU and 10-core GPU). 8GB of shared memory and 256GB of SSD storage starts at Rs. 1,34,900. Customers can choose a free 70W power adapter with a single USB Type-C connection or a 35W twin USB Type-C power adapter. Midnight, Starlight, Space Grey, and Silver are available as color choices.

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Apple’s evaluation model was available in the Midnight color, had 512GB of SSD storage, 35W of dual USB Type-C power, and cost Rs. 1,74,900 in India. Up to 24GB of unified memory and 2TB of SSD storage are available; the top configuration costs Rs. 2,54,900.

Remember that memory and storage cannot be upgraded, so pick the model you believe will continue to meet your needs.

Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) design

With the introduction of the 13-inch M2-powered MacBook Air in 2022, the line took a different design turn, approaching the MacBook Pro laptops of the present generation more closely. This has a flatter, more slab-like appearance in place of the earlier MacBook Air computers’ pointed corners and smooth curves. The 15-inch MacBook Air’s bigger size guarantees that it resembles the MacBook Pro even more than before, fitting in precisely between the 14-inch and 16-inch Pro range models.

On the other hand, the 15-inch MacBook Air has maintained the slimness that has always been a distinguishing feature of the Airline; the laptop is noticeably lighter and slimmer than the Pro range and has a reported thickness of 11.5mm. 

This 15-inch laptop is the thinnest in the world, according to Apple. However, despite the laptop’s evident slimness and lighter weight, its huge screen makes it difficult to hold with one hand. 

Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023)

Similar to the current-generation MacBook line, the screen’s edges are thin, and the display notch accommodates the 1080p camera. It could take some getting used to going from a screen without a notch to one with one, like the MacBook.

Fortunately, MacOS is optimized so that nothing gets in the way of the notch and apps usually operate below it.

Color Option and Resolution

The Midnight color option is the darkest of the four color choices. It’s important to remember that because this color is a coat of paint applied over the aluminum’s natural color. Even regular use may eventually result in some discoloration, particularly around the edges. Additionally, the polish makes any dust or fingerprint smudges on its surface stand out.

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Interestingly, the pixel density of the more prominent 15-inch MacBook Air is the same as the smaller 13.6-inch M2 model. Both have a pixel density of about 224ppi. The 15-inch laptop’s screen has a resolution of 2880×1864 pixels and a maximum brightness rating of 500 nits. So you get a genuinely larger screen without suffering from any true loss of sharpness or detail.

15-inch Resembles to 13-inch Model

The 15-inch Air resembles the 13-inch model visually in every other respect, including the absence of the “MacBook Air” branding and the screen’s “tall” aspect ratio, which leaves enough of area for the keyboard and trackpad. There is a six-speaker system in front of the hinge (instead of the 13-inch MacBook Air’s four speakers). It

The 15-inch MacBook Air includes two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports on the left side, a MagSafe charging port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side, the same as the 13-inch model. You can use a USB Type-C charger; they have a maximum speed of 40Gbps and usefully support DisplayPort and charging. This might be helpful for sporadic rapid charging, but if you want, you can remain with the MagSafe charging cable. This frees up both Thunderbolt/USB ports for additional connectivity needs.

Instead of needing to key in your password, the power button also works as a Touch ID sensor. You must enter the password anytime you restart or shut down the laptop.

Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) specifications and software

Even though Apple first released the M2 SoC in 2022, it is still in the market for the company’s entry-level products. Apple has frequently claimed that its M2 SoC is a significant improvement over the company’s older Intel-based laptops. It is also claimed to be more than sufficient for users’ daily needs, including providing capabilities for processing-intensive tasks. Similar to Video and photo editing as well as advanced programming purpose.

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The 15-inch model of the MacBook Air has the same Apple M2 characteristics as the 2022 model, along with the same hardware and software support. This has a 100GB/s memory bandwidth, an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, support for up to 24GB of unified memory, and up to 2TB of storage.

Support for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 are two additional relevant technologies. The battery is a little bit bigger than the one in the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. But it’s supposed to be just enough to support the larger screen and still provide the same amount of battery life.

The MacBook Air 15 comes pre-installed with macOS Ventura; the computer used version 13.4.1 throughout this review. Ventura’s key features are improvements to messaging, Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, which lets you use your iPhone as a camera for your MacBook. The gadget will soon receive the macOS Sonoma update.

Source – the Verge

Apple MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) performance and battery life

The laptop can handle the workload, even if your process is a little more demanding, editing, and data crunching. While 8GB of unified memory might be adequate for most tasks, you might want to merely spend money on 16GB or 24GB to ensure you are prepared for the future.


Due to the availability of only two Thunderbolt/USB Type-C connectors, connectivity choices are quite limited. To connect older USB Type-A devices like thumb drives and hard drives, you’ll either need the appropriate adapters for various use cases or an excellent multi-port adaptor.

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The six-speaker system was effective for watching films, could be loud when necessary, and produced clear, crisp audio for VoIP calls. The camera was adequate for most common laptop uses, such as video calls. But the ‘continuity camera’ function in macOS Ventura may be utilized to enhance your experience provided you have a suitable iPhone to use with it.

Gaming and Battery

On the MacBook Air 15, casual games from Apple Arcade worked without any issues. The city-building survival game Frostpunk on Steam performed adequately as well. The MacBook Air is not the best laptop for gaming, to play some games to decompress, it won’t fail you.

The MacBook Air 15’s battery is marginally more significant in capacity than the 13-inch model. Therefore, the difference essentially only powers the larger screen while maintaining a battery life comparable to the smaller one. It can last as much as 9 hours on a single charge with some battery left.

Utilizing the provided MagSafe cable, charging with the 35W adapter goes from 10% to around 35% in 30 minutes and 64% in an hour. This can take longer if you have a second cable connected to the adapter and another device charging. Alternatively, you can choose the single-port 70W charging adaptor to charge the MacBook Air 15 quickly.


Although carrying it with the lid open seemed awkward, the slimness and lightweight will be helpful in most transportation situations. The giant screen will be appreciated by those who need to perform jobs like photo sorting and editing, working with spreadsheets and presentations, or sorting through a lot of text or data, and the M2 SoC is powerful enough to handle most daily duties.

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A tablet with a 15.3-inch screen doesn’t exactly match with its traditional theme. Because the Air series has always been small, manageable, and convenient to put into even a small handbag or backpack.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro, which costs from Rs. 2,49,900 and above and is certainly too powerful for most use cases and workflows, was the only big-screen option available in Apple’s MacBook lineup up until this point. The MacBook Air 15 successfully bridges that gap by establishing the ideal balance between size, functionality, and cost. 


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