Forget Facebook and Twitter 5 New S-Tier Social Media Platforms

Forget Facebook and Twitter: 5 New S Tier Social Media Platforms

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Social media platforms have become essential entertainment and earning tool for most of us. But with changing times, we should also start looking for new possible s tier social media platforms that can overshadow today’s giants!

As people are inclining toward privacy-related concerns and trends, As a freelancer or marketer, you should also start changing your ways to keep up with the flow!

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Facebook and Twitter are the giants in social networks for multiple decades. And it will change in the coming years because of these new social media platforms! A new crop of innovative concepts is poised to disrupt the status quo. 

In this post, we’re spilling the beans on our top 5 new social media platforms you need to get on before everyone else discovers them. From decentralized platforms to those focused on live streaming and beyond, these new S-tier networks are where the real magic is happening. 

Does New S Tier Social Media Platforms open up new opportunities?

As someone who wants to keep updated with the current trend, we always search for future technology and rising platforms. While Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme, a whole new class of social networks is emerging that provide unique features the big guys don’t. As early adopters, we’ve been testing a few of these new S-tier social platforms and think you should give them a spin too!

As they say, “New Dawn brings new opportunities!” So rather than working hard to get followers on our traditional social media Platform. 

We think it will be better for you to advance your network on these new s tier social media platforms that can rise in the next decade.

Well, the question is, “Will it benefit you?” will they prove helpful in the future even to replace FB and Twitter? 

Then the answer will be Yes and No. Yes, because with the rise of Web 3.0 & Blockchain technology, if FB and Twitter keep their traditional way, they are bound to lose their share in the social media market!

Although aside from that, privacy is becoming one of the most significant concerns in today’s everchanging digital world. 

Facebook has always been loosely handling users’ data for the benefit! Thus we expect users to incline toward the new social media platforms that are unpolluted with spamming, privacy concerns, and fraud.

So Yes, new social media platforms open up new opportunities for new dwellers.

5 S tier social media platforms of the Future


We’ve discovered a new social network, Unitymix, that promotes positivity and meaningful connections. On Unitymix, you can share life events, favorite books or movies, personal growth goals, and more with like-minded people. 

Instead of “likes,” you give “high-fives” to show support for others. Unitymix shares what matters to you rather than superficial selfies and staged photos. 

If you’re looking for authentic interactions and new friendships, Unitymix is the place to be.

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WT Social

Want an alternative to big tech social media companies? Check out WT Social. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales created this decentralized social network. On WT Social, your data and privacy are respected. 

No algorithms manipulate what you see or ads tailored to your personal information. You can control your experience and connect with others freely and openly. 

WT Social is worth exploring if you value transparency, data ethics, and an authentic community.


Imagine being compensated for your contributions on a social network. You can earn virtual tokens by posting, commenting, and upvoting on material on Steam. 

You can make more money by adding more value to the platform. A blockchain-based network called Steemit offers content producers, curators, and users advantages. 

Whether you share photographs, films, music, tales, or blog pieces, you will be rewarded for your originality and participation. 

Steemit is the market leader for individuals interested in the fascinating new world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms.


Want an easy way to stay in touch with close friends and family without the noise and distractions of major social networks? 

Beyond is a private social app designed for small, tight-knit groups. You can share messages, photos, life events, and inside jokes with up to 150 contacts. 

Beyond focuses on facilitating meaningful conversations between people who matter to you. If you want to simplify and get back to what’s essential, Beyond helps you connect with those closest to you.


Prefer open-source, decentralized, and ad-free social networking? Mastodon is the solution. This open-source network is made up of thousands of communities that you can join and follow. 

Any single company does not own Mastodon, so you maintain control over your digital life. With a similar microblogging style to Twitter, you can toot short posts of up to 500 characters and follow hashtags to discover new communities. 

Freelancers and New Social Media Platforms

Freelancers constantly look for fresh approaches to attract new clients. Because of this, we have been looking into intriguing new social media sites in addition to the standard suspects.

 Thanks to these emerging networks, we can market our services, meet other like-minded experts, and even get new jobs.

Unitymix, a creative network for independent contractors, business owners, and startups, comes first. We adore how simple it is to make a graphic profile highlighting our accomplishments and abilities. 

The built-in project management and payment tools also make it simple for us to collaborate with new clients.

Mastodon is an open-source network that’s perfect for microblogging. Short posts of up to 500 characters are ideal for sharing tips, discussing our latest accomplishments, or starting exciting conversations. 

The decentralized platform means no single company controls our data or content. Steem is a blockchain-based network that pays us for creating and curating content.

Upvoting and commenting on other people’s posts can earn “Steem” cryptocurrency with real cash value.  We’ve already started publishing some of our articles and on Steem to generate extra income from our content.

New social networks mean new opportunities, and as digital nomads, we’re all about trying the latest technologies. 

While the powerful platforms still have their place, these upstarts are giving us inspiring new ways to spread our message, build community, and advance our freelance business. The future is bright, friends!


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