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Content writing, or you say content creator, ever you call it, is the method to create things we imagined by going all out with considering and lining several things because even a kid in primary school writes from his heart and passion, but that’s not matter.

Because in this field, you don’t have to be passionate about it, you have to have the knowledge and skills for it, and For me, I started with passion and dramatically found out that I was doing the wrong thing…! 

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I now felt little guilty for providing such poor work at the start, but now I can give just what I think, which makes us happy.

Whether you are delivering a page or even a book, every page matters and every word plays its role in convincing readers that what you are reading is absolute truth; the more detailed you go, the more you convince them, which is the key for long articles. All in all, if you know how to write in any language correctly, then creating a structure is the thing on which you should focus.

Is Content writing can be seen as a career option?

Yes, why not? If something makes others pay, it can be seen as a career option, not for the short term. In the long time, until you die, there is no problem if you are disabled to do something, but content writing can be seen as a career option.

I earned more than Rs.50,000 in my first three months, and you believe it or not, but I took a lot of effort into convenience clients, and before that, I studied it like a crazy fellow.

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If I have to compare it, I would compare it with one of my favorite mine games called Minecraft, I am sure you heard about or even played it in your childhood, but if I have to compare it in the real world, I would compare it with leaving noob in the dense forest with only surviving skills.

The research comes First Rather than implementing the idea!

The moral is I was reading hundreds of documents and Ebooks to find the truth of content writing. In 1 year I remember I read 300+ eBooks and took note of all of them. Sadly most of them were useless or contained other knowledge. Still, I finally stumbled in front of SEJ which is all about Search Engine, and I found what I was looking for.

Once you learn how to write, you have to find a way to know how you can construct it to benefit others, and that was what I was looking for, and I know most of you might think again once you see their ebooks which are long and complicated without prior knowledge.

But no worries, I am here to have your attention to reveal some of my knowledge and experience. Also, I will study digital marketing and affiliate marketing to explain even a few things about content writing and creating content so that I can fulfill my desire for a world where everyone would like to make things, not destroy them.

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More like fantasy, but I acknowledge, and you should also admit, that “A wish without power and A power without wish both are useless” Earning money can’t be a desire because no matter how much you earn, it will not provide you the happiness of accomplishing your goal.

That is why I suggest living for something, not earning anything.

How much can I earn through Content writing?

How much is the root of every word I say because the happiness behind completing work is also about doing and earning by ourselves, mainly the project starts from deciding on money? That is what is called business.

How much is dependent upon you, your writing style, skills, and mainly on your knowledge and experience. If you are a newcomer, you will have to start on others’ prices rather than your own. You cannot force the other side to climb the ladder because there is no confidence without backup support and to say the truth fully without anything in hand.

To say, just by spending 2-3 hours daily, I make an income of Rs.50,000 without any obstruction in my routine work; thus, I say yes, where in demand, there is Hope.

How can I learn Content Writing ???

As I said, content writing is not that much big deal, but yes, it is hard to start, even to create an article of only a few thousand words, and without a strong spirit, you are just wasting your time doing nothing no one going to value your work if you are not aware of it.

You should learn how to speak with clients, and if you can’t speak English that fluently, then just. 


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