All about Google Analytics for blogging and marketing, including the 5 tips that I Wish to know before starting

All about Google Analytics for blogging and marketing, including the 5 tips that I Wish to know before starting

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Hello, readers. You might hear about Google Analytics somewhere or even know about it, but for this article, let’s pretend that you never hear of it! Because in today’s Awesome Article, we will cover all about Google Analytics and Google Analytics for blogging Tips Mine.

For Us, Google is like starting and ending the Internet at least, and Google Analytics is an essential tool used by almost every website owner and Marketer. What more with it? You can get crucial insights also without A penny.

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Google Analytics launched on Nov 14, 2005, almost 15 years back when not even 25% of people were familiar with the Internet, but we didn’t want to know about its history; we wanted to shape the future. Thus, let’s start with what types of Profit we can get from it; then, let’s look at some of my Secrete technics.

From its name, one can tell we use it to analyze something on Google, but without guessing, I will pinpoint its work and merits.

Google Analytics for blogging

“It is a web (Website/ Application) analytics service offered by Google that helps in tracking and reporting website or app traffic, it is also the most powerful digital analytical Software available in the market, and also it is free of Cost to use.”

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There are several valuable things that it records and provide us from which we can get info that helps to increase business.

Why You should use Google Analytics on the Web or Application??

1. It is Free of Cost…!

Free Free Free…! Yes, many newcomers still think that if the app provides so many things, it must be paid, but it is free. Truthfully, in my experience, someone always asks a question.

Is Google Analytics free?

On that question, I only repeat my answer: Yes, Google Analytics is Absolutely free; thus, there is no need to ask anyone, Is google analytics free or Not?? Yes, it is free

2. Data collection is Automatic.

In this modern world, information is critical, and data is a treasure. Similarly, Google Analytics is the software that collects user data by comparing and analyzing many things to create a report full of Insight data from the web or the app.

3. Easy Customization results.

What if I say you have complete freedom to even customize the personal report as per your need, in additionally to the common Insight which it provides,

But remember, its work is to collect Insight, and your work is to collect and analyze it for your Profit to know what viewers are thinking of.

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4. Helps to See Internal Site Searches.

If a Viewer comes to your site and you have many categories and products, you need to understand what your customers want to see first, and that’s how you have to customize your page.

You should use it to know what activities of viewers to customize the page.

5. Helps you with targeting the right platform.

As we discussed earlier that you could get a ton of Traffic from your social media, YouTube, which can be converted with reasonable offers and attractive deals to clients or buyers, and to gain popularity on it, you have to invest in digital Marketing or, instead, use it efficiently.

Earning conversations and using that info to convert other audiences into customers can be done with the help of insights from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics For Blogging and Marketing

Alas, those are some significant benefits of Google Analytics which I loved to Highlight (not in reality). So as we now know the benefits of Google Analytics, let’s move toward the Next Step in today’s Amazing Article “All About Google Analytics and Google Analytics 5 tips of Mine.”

Google Analytics for blogging Tip #1: Ask your Self Business Questions

Just like social media, Google Analytics is also vast; a first visitor might say, “Where the hell am I…?” because it provides many insights which may result in confusing you, it is not that much-advanced tool. Still, it only tells you what visitor has done and similar things, so you must ask yourself what you want to find out First.

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You see, there are some questions which are most important according to me and my experience; those are as follows from which you can find out, What is your need and what are you going to do from it?

  • Why should customers purchase this, and how much can I pay if I want to buy it?
  • If customers tend to Purchase “A” products, are they interested in a similar-trend product?
  • What is common among our most regular (important) customers, any trend?
  • What should our campaign’s marginal cost, and how can we improve it to reach a new height?
  • Are there any changes in the behavior of customers after our recent changes?

And similar kinds of questions you should ask your team and yourself.

note: Do not stuff all the info in one report or create a report as per needs.

Google Analytics for blogging Tip #2: Set up Goals for your site

Setting Goals in the business is essential, but when it comes to Google Analytics, you are wasting your time without Setting your Goals (reason behind the site or Application) on it.

Because if you still need to set up your goals, you are missing more than 95% profit from Google Analytics; you’re using only 5% functions of it which is a waste of Time.

Setting up Goals can help you forcefully create a strategic approach to achieve your Goal, fulfilling the purpose of your site.

This makes you think about the value it can provide viewers and customers.

You can find it by following the steps on Google Analytics.

  • Open Google Analytics and click on the Admin left bottom corner
  • Navigate for the desired view
  • In the column section, click on Goals
  • And then click on the +New Goal or import from Gallery to create a new Goal.
  • Then you will be able to see three options.
    • Using a Goal Template
    • Creating Custom Goals
    • Creating Smart Goals

And that’s it. You can find a way from here because I need help explaining everything here (I am lazy), but we will discuss it soon in another article.

Now moving to the next Tip for Google Analytics

Google Analytics for blogging #3: Strategically map out your Event tracking

Google Analytics is a tool that helps to observe what visitors are doing on your website, and most importantly, I wanted to underline that people say Google Analytics shows you Data which is nuance.

The standard definition of google analytics can be carved out like this.

“Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or screen load. Downloads, mobile ad clicks gadgets flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to track events.”

Events show visitors’ behavior in many aspects, as many as you want, but with a lot of info, it can just show you the reality, but how to use it depends entirely on you; thus, people say it is nuanced.

The bottom line is that it is a handy tool if you use it properly, and if you do, you are wasting your Time.

Without getting deeper into this inquiry, let’s go to the net tip of this article so we can complete it, including each detail.


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