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France Bans Apple iPhone – “Innovation died with Steve Jobs.”

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In the last 3-4 Days, Apple has suffered cracks to its reputation, and users have bashed Apple for its “Wonderlust” event. On one side, Since Tuesday’s reportedly underwhelming introduction of the upcoming iPhone 15, consumers of smartphones have been complaining about Apple’s new products.

On X (previously Twitter), individuals have gone as far as to assert that “innovation died with Steve Jobs,” the co-founder and former CEO of Apple who passed away in 2011 at 56 from cancer.

And on the other side, Paris has Banned the Apple iPhone 12 – According to a French government watchdog organization, the iPhone 12 generates excessive electromagnetic radiation. Hence, Apple has been ordered to remove it from the French market.

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What does the French agency say about Apple iPhone 12?

In a statement on Tuesday, the National Frequency Agency, which regulates radio-electric frequencies and public exposure to electromagnetic radiation, urged Apple to “implement all available means to fix this malfunction” for phones currently in use rapidly.

The French regulator stated that the agency will watch any corrective upgrades to the iPhone 12 and that if they are unsuccessful, “Apple will have to recall” any units that have already been sold.

France Bans Apple iPhone 12

In a statement, Apple claimed that the 2020-released iPhone 12 had received certification from several international organizations as meeting all applicable radiation standards. The company also claimed that it had provided the French agency with numerous Apple and outside lab results demonstrating the phone’s compliance and was contesting its conclusions.

Over the past two decades, numerous studies have evaluated the health concerns of mobile phones. The World Health Organization states there is currently no evidence linking cell phone use to adverse health impacts.

Regulatory limits on SAR were set much below levels where scientists have discovered evidence of harm, according to industry experts, thus, there were no safety hazards.

According to Professor Rodney Croft, chair of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which establishes international standards for the SAR limits, “From a health and safety point of view, it is not as if this is putting anyone at risk.”

The restrictions are already ten times lower than the level where scientists discovered evidence of harm based on the danger of burns or heatstroke from the phone’s radiation.

Threat Or Truth?

The ANFR reported that during experiments mimicking when the iPhone 12 was being held in the hand or kept in a trouser pocket, authorized labs discovered electromagnetic energy absorption by the body at a rate of 5.74 watts per kilogram. The 4.0 watts per kilogram specific absorption rate is the European norm.

When the phone was in a jacket pocket or backpack, the testing revealed the phone complied with so-called body-SAR criteria, according to ANFR. It likewise passed the French tests when held straight to the head as though making a phone call.

According to Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s junior minister for the digital economy, a software update would sufficiently address the radiation problems.

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In an interview with the daily Le Parisien on Tuesday, he stated, “Apple is expected to respond within two weeks”. He added that “if they fail to do so, I am prepared to order a recall of all iPhones 12 in circulation.” Everyone must follow the same rules, including the big names in technology.

ANFR will now inform regulators in other European Union member states of its findings. In real terms, this choice might have a snowball effect, according to Barrot.

Germany’s BNetzA network regulator stated that the French process “has a guiding function for Europe as a whole” and indicated that it may initiate parallel actions in Germany.

The French decision may have ramifications for Europe, according to Germany’s radiation authority BfS.

Apple doesn’t disaggregate its sales by nation or product type. Last year, it generated roughly $95 billion in revenues in Europe, making that continent its second-largest behind the Americas. According to estimates, it sold over 50 million iPhones in Europe last year. On Tuesday, the firm unveiled the iPhone 15.

Users Bash Apple for its slight improvement to be called a change

A “industry first” is the never-before-seen color-infused glass included in the new iPhones, which are expected to be released on September 22. They also have new charging connectors.

The 15’s titanium construction makes it their “lightest weight Pro models yet,” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, even though the display size is comparable to the 14’s.

User comments Innovation died with Steve Jobs

However, amateur internet critics who assert that the iPhone 15 models lack sufficient innovation to set them apart from the previous generation believe that more than the upgraded dual camera system, improved performance and extended safety measures is needed to compensate for this.

Apple has been contacted by The Post for comment.

According to a press statement from the firm, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s VP of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, maintains that the new smartphone models represent “a huge leap forward” in innovation.

However, some Apple enthusiasts are jubilant that the mute switch has been replaced with an action button that can be customized.

According to MacRumors, if the rumor is accurate, the new feature would significantly set the iPhone 15 apart from previous iterations by allowing customers to “access various functions and settings without necessarily unlocking the device or navigating to an app.”


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