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Succession Finale Review: How the Roy Family Saga Ends

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We’ve been on the edge of our seats for weeks waiting to see how the Roy family saga would end, and the Succession finale did not disappoint! After three seasons of twists, turns, and more family drama than we could handle, the show went out with a bang. 

The finale perfectly ended the story of the power-hungry Roy clan and their media empire Waystar Royco. We laughed, cried, and yelled at the TV – often all simultaneously! We’re sad to say goodbye to the Roys and their never-ending quest for power, but we’re happy they went out on top. 

The finale left us wanting more while also giving us closure. In true Succession style, it was a wild ride until the last second. What an incredible show and an unforgettable end to the saga. We already miss the Roys!

The Final Season’s Storyline and Key Plot Points

We were on the edge of our seats the entire final season! The Roy family saga came to an end in true Succession style.

Logan continued his reign over Waystar Royco with an iron fist. Even after all these years, he still knows how to crush his enemies and manipulate his children. We must hand it to Brian Cox – his performance was captivating, as always.

Kendall struggled to take down his father and the company’s cruises coverup. His desire for revenge and validation led to some dark moments, but we were still rooting for him! Jeremy Strong gave a stellar and heartbreaking performance.

Shiv and Roman were as cunning and cutthroat as ever in their bids to become Logan’s successor. Their sibling rivalry and daddy issues made for some of the most entertaining scenes.

As you may have guessed, the Finale was full of twists and surprises. But we won’t spoil anything, but let’s say the future of Waystar Royco is up in the air, and the Roy family will never be the same.

We’re sad to say goodbye to the Roys, but what an unforgettable journey it’s been. Succession might become one of the most fantastic TV dramas of this decade. We already miss the intrigue, humor, and family drama – is it too soon for a rewatch?! This sensational series and its all-star cast have been a true pleasure.

Succession S04 E10 Series Finale Trailer

The Show’s Stellar Cast and Crew of Succession Finale

We have to give major props to the show’s creators and cast for pulling off such an entertaining finale season!

The show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, has done it again. His clever and witty writing had us on our seats all season. The plot twists and turns kept us guessing until the very end.

The ensemble cast of quirky yet complex characters is what makes the show. Brian Cox as Logan Roy, the cunning yet aging patriarch, is simply superb. His performance this season was award-worthy, as always. Sarah Snook as Shiv, Jeremy Strong as Kendall, and Kieran Culkin as Roman were fantastic. Their sibling rivalry and power struggles added drama and humor.

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And we can’t forget the stellar supporting cast, like Matthew Macfadyen as Tom, Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg, and J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri. They brought so much humor and heart to the show.

Hats off to the show’s crew for the high production quality. The cinematography was gorgeous, the costumes were on point, and the music selection was perfect.

We’re sad to see Succession end but feel satisfied with how Jesse Armstrong and the team wrapped up the Roy family saga. This finale season was a wild and entertaining ride we will never forget! Here’s hoping for a spin-off series. wink wink

What We Loved About the Final Season Succession Finale

The Roy Family Dynamics

We loved seeing the Roy family dynamics play out in full force this season. The constant power struggles and manipulations between Logan, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman made for some seriously entertaining television. Their complicated relationships and rivalries have always been at the show’s core, and the final season honed in on how their thirst for power and control has ultimately torn them apart.

Shiv’s Rise and Fall in Succession Finale

Shiv started the season poised to take over as CEO, but her ambition and ego proved her downfall. Her betrayal of Tom in favor of the family business showed her true colors, and it was satisfying to see her realize she had made a colossal mistake.

As they say, “Desperation is the greatest weakness to exploit.” To get Logan’s approval, Shiv becomes vulnerable in many instances. And she ended up exploited by her brothers many times in the entire series.

Succession Finale the Story of Roy Family

Shiv’s journey this season was a tragic cautionary tale of how the pursuit of power can corrupt.

Kendall’s Redemption

After spending most of the series as the family screw-up, Kendall finally found redemption this season. He started to break free of his father’s control and became a real threat to Waystar Royco. 

His newfound conviction and sincerity made him a force to be reckoned with. While his ego and impulsiveness still caused problems, his genuine desire to take down his father and fix the damage that had been done made him the unlikely hero of the season. We cheered Kendall on as he went head-to-head with Logan and proved he was a real Roy.

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The final season of Succession gave us everything we could have wanted in a conclusion to this saga. This was a finale we would remember!

The Final Battle for Control of Waystar Royco

The finale of Succession was the dramatic ending we’d all been waiting for. After three seasons of twists and turns in the Roy family’s battle for control of Waystar Royco, the fourth and final season brought the power struggle to an explosive conclusion.

A Surprise Alliance of Succession Finale

Logan and Kendall, the series’ central adversaries, shocked viewers by teaming up to prevent Marcia and her son from seizing control of the company. Despite their turbulent history, the Roy patriarch and his rebellious son recognized the need to band together against this outside threat to their family’s legacy. Their unlikely alliance showed how far they would defend Waystar Royco.

Shiv’s Power Play

While her brothers and father were preoccupied, Shiv made her boldest move yet to claim a leadership role in the company. She conspired with high-level executives and board members to oust her father from the CEO position, hoping to step in as his replacement. Her cunning and cutthroat tactics proved Shiv was the most formidable opponent in the line of Succession.

A Bittersweet Ending

Ultimately, Logan outmaneuvered all his children to maintain control of Waystar Royco. But his victory came at the cost of fracturing his family beyond repair. The series concluded with the Roy siblings going their separate ways, finally free from their father’s shadow but broken by the damage done.

The finale was a fittingly dramatic conclusion to Succession’s depiction of wealth, power, and family dysfunction. Though the battle for Waystar Royco ended, the legacy of the Roys will live on.

How the Season Finale Provides Closure

We have to say, the series finale of Succession was everything we could have hoped for and more, as fans who have been following the Roy family saga for years.

Logan finally meets his match in his scheming children. The Tiger’s cub is the tiger, similar to this idiom. After years of manipulating and pitting children against each other, they all come together to overthrow Logan. The look of surprise and grudging respect on his face during that final boardroom showdown was priceless!

Shiv, Roman, and Kendall prove they are a force to be reckoned with when united. Their triple threat ultimately allows them to prevail over their father and gain control of Waystar Royco.

Cousin Greg gets his big payout. His unwavering loyalty to Kendall pays off, and he is rewarded with a senior management position. We hope he doesn’t get in over his head!

Succession Finale FAQs: Questions Answered

We’ve got answers to all your burning questions about the Succession finale!

Who ultimately took over Waystar Royco?

After many twists and turns, Shiv proved herself the most capable successor and was named CEO by Logan in a shocking turn of events. We never saw that coming!

What happened to Kendall and the “puppet master” plot?

Kendall’s scheming backfired, and his takeover attempt flopped. But in the end, he and Logan reconciled in an emotional scene. Kendall realized family is more important than power.

Did Tom and Shiv stay together?

Despite their ups and downs, Tom and Shiv reaffirmed their love for one another. Tom was by Shiv’s side as she took the reins of Waystar Royco. Their relationship has weathered many storms but comes out stronger.

What’s next for Roman and Gerri?

Roman and Gerri took their flirtation to the next level and became an official item. Roman’s immaturity and Gerri’s level head balance each other out. We can’t wait to see where this unexpected romance leads next season!

The Succession - Story of Manipulation

Will there be another season of Succession?

While the finale tied up many storylines, there are still more chapters left to tell in the Roy family saga. The show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, has hinted at future seasons. The wheeling and dealing are still ongoing, folks!

We were on the edge of our seats the whole finale, gasping at every revelation and cheering for the Roys. What an emotional, entertaining ride it’s been. This sensational series will live on as a modern masterpiece of television. We can’t wait for more!

How Much Did the Final Season of Succession Cost to Make?

We were over the moon when HBO announced they were greenlighting a fourth and final season of Succession. As super fans, we’ve followed the Roy family drama since the beginning. The show’s popularity has skyrocketed, so we knew the finale season would be the most spectacular yet.

How Much Did It Cost?

HBO spared no expense for the show’s swan song. For your curiosity, season 4 of Succession costs over $100 million, from which you can calculate the average budget of $15 million for each episode! The previous seasons averaged $10 million per episode, so HBO increased the funding by 50% to ensure the finale was as epic as possible.

The high cost allowed for exotic filming locations like Italy, where the Roys take a family vacation.

A-list actors don’t come cheap. The ensemble cast, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Sarah Snook, earned sizable pay raises.

The show’s signature style includes lavish sets, designer wardrobes, and high-end props. Every detail is noticed.

We’re not surprised HBO invested so heavily in the final season. Succession has been a crown jewel in their lineup, racking 48 Emmy nominations and winning Best Drama Series. The show’s popularity proves that audiences crave this kind of prestige TV.

No expense was spared for a series as acclaimed as Succession to ensure it ended on the highest note possible. The $100 million budget allowed the show to end spectacularly, wrapping up the Roy family saga in a way that left us wanting more. We’ll miss the drama and intrigue, but the finale gave us closure in a profoundly satisfying way. 

Our Thoughts on Succession Finale

And there you have it, the epic conclusion to the Roy family saga. After four seasons of power struggles, betrayals, and dark humor, Succession delivered an immensely satisfying finale. We’ve loved following the ups and downs of the Roys and their media empire.

Though we’re sad to say goodbye, the ending gave each character a fitting send-off. Succession will remain a pinnacle of television excellence that we’ll revisit again and again. Bravo to the entire cast and crew for crafting such an unforgettable show. We’ll miss you, Succession!


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